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iNRCORE, offers a variety of magnetic solutions for military, commercial aerospace, manned and unmanned space, high-reliability industrial, medical and power grid infrastructure applications. iNRCORE, (formerly PulseR) was one of the first suppliers qualified to produce power magnetics to MIL-PRF-27, signal/pulse transformers to MIL-PRF-21038, passive delay lines to MIL-PRF- 83531, and active delay lines to MIL-PRF-83532 to support any high-reliability application.

iNRCORE is committed to helping users build their next product design by providing the needed technical solutions and production support. With manufacturing facilities in both Bristol, PA and Chang An, China, iNRCORE can support deliveries from low- to high-volume production using the latest technology from its experienced engineers to make sure customer parts meet design requirements and qualification standards with unique ability to also screen or qualify their product.